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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blogging K-4!

Okay, well, it's not actually blogging, or is it? After all, early participation in today's "Read/Write Web" by contributing to a blog with comments is a nice start!

All Lower School kids, K-4, are working this week and next on a little project dear to my heart, posting their own words about how they spent their Winter Break. This is something I've been doing with 4th graders, then 4th and 3rd graders, since 2006, and this year I decided to go comprehensive with it.

We're using for this, and you can watch the comments amass at the USN Lower School Student Blog. When we deem it done, I'll send out an open invite to parents so you can all share in the shareshare!

Don't know what a "blog" is? Read more about how blogs can be used in teaching at!

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