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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Everybody's Typing!

The keyboard retains center stage this week, as we continue our introduction of Keyboarding for Kids (I call it "K4K") with the 4th graders. 3rd and 2nd graders continue work with Type to Learn 3 and we are using the freeware "Drawing for Children" program to do some very light work in that area with the Kindergarten and 1st graders.

This is a fun new activity for the 1st graders, using the "draw text" feature to fill a page with one's own name--in as many sizes, colors, styles, fonts, and directions as we can manage in the two class periods we have to work on the project. I'll have a fun slideshow featuring some of the children's efforts here soon!

The Kinderkids are working into much of the same content but at a much more gentle pace. So far they've worked up to typing their own names three times on a page but in different colors. We'll take a break from that path next week and do a serious Boowa and Kwala lesson on "Click, Drag, and Drop!"

On the K4K topic, we'll continue using the program in the lab for at least two more weeks before sending home textbooks and adding daily practice to the homework list. There'll be more on tha tas we get closer to sending them home.

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