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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hey, all,

Just a quick note to note:

I've reconsidered, with 4th grade team advice and after a couple concerned emails from parents, the timetable for sending home the textbooks. They'll now go home on Tuesday of next week, that's October 23rd, and after a week to settle out any connectivity issues that may arise, we'll begin the "homework" on the following Monday, October 29.

Factors contributing to this decision:

  • The very-first-of-all-time Fall Break at our school begins Thursday, October 18

  • I will be out of pocket from Thursday thru Sunday, as I'm taking my son fishing with his uncle in Texas: Texas bass, start worrying!!!

  • The *USN Strategic Plan (see the whole thing by visiting the school's website and clicking "About Us") calls for a balance of curricular objectives with family life--this is a guiding factor in my every effort, and I am especially mindful of its mandate when it comes to the computer lab's adding to the homework load

  • I am rethinking my home letter from last year and completely redrafting it for clarity and stress reduction!

*From the Strategic plan:

5. Creating Balance in Life
It is important to maintain a healthy, cooperative
balance between responsibilities at home,
in school, and in the wider community.
We will:

bring students, teachers, and parents
together to determine ways to manage
academic, co-curricular, and non-school

conduct a K-12 curriculum review mindful
of our commitment to helping faculty,
students, and their families establish and
maintain a healthy balance with regard to
school commitments.

explore scheduling alternatives to support
our commitment to establishing and
sustaining this healthy balance.


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