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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mid-February Happenings in the Lower School Lab

We're movin' and a'shakin' here in the LS Lab as the 3rd graders view a great movie on the topic of erosion via our Safari Montage streaming media server.

4th graders have finished their independent study PowerPoints and are keeping up with their Keyboarding4Kids work, though many have optioned into the BBC DanceMat Typing instead. As long as their working in home row key position it really doesn't matter which program they use. The only impact will be on end of year assessment but that's my ballywick and I'm on it. I'm very proud of how thoroughly most 4th graders have bought into their skills development in this arena. You should be, too. I'm also showing them a pretty valuable homeschooling website called "MathPlayground," where they're finding a Shockwave game to help them understand the concepts of area and perimeter, current focii in their classrooms.

Kindergarteners and 1st graders are visiting the PBS "Between the Lions" website and we're playing the "WordPlay" game altogether at the SmartBoard, then they're exploring other wonderful early literacy games at the site on their own.

Second graders are visiting a couple cool math practice sites on the Webliographer,'s "Math Mayhem" and "Spacy Math," two sites where they can practice their math facts in fun ways. Every little bit helps!!!

That's all for now!


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