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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Holidays!

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Here's hoping everyone has safe and happy holidays with so much wonderful family time you'll be ready to come back to school with renewed energy for the second half of the year!

This week we partnered Kindergarten and 1st graders in the lab to play the BBC Numbertime "Snakes & Ladders" game. I so love to see the kids working well together and helping one another and the slideshow (available small here but larger if you click to visit the site) is here to celebrate that work. Counting, directional awareness, lightly competitive play, sharing, turntaking--all those skills were exercised, and in fun ways.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classes all had still more fun (does it ever end here!?) at yet another BBC site, "Dancemat Typing!" This I offer as a great alternative to 4th graders in case they experience problems running Keyboarding for Kids online at home. Parents please note: I still want 4th graders doing as much K4K as they possibly can. If you are having problems with the online Keyboarding for Kids program and have faithfully followed the troubleshooting tips in the handout with the textbook, please email me with 1) your computer make and model and 2) as detailed a description of how far you get and what happens. I'll try to help and if we can't get it fixed we will make every effort to accomodate the work here at school!

Take care, and see you next year!!!


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