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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy, Snappy, New Year!

Welcome back. I for one had a great Winter Break even though we were snowed in by the Great Denver Blizzard of '06. I have a picture slideshow from the trip up at

Speaking of other blogs, check out my Snacks4theBrain! podcast (that I produce for Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach) and--more pertinent to this discussion--see the USN Interactive Videoconferencing blog for description (and a video!) from this week's 4th grade IVC with a NASA space science expert. It was stellar!

The third graders started exploring our Master Artist resources at the Webliographer. If you don't have the Webliographer bookmarked or "favorited" on your home computer's browser, there's no time like the present.

Second graders practiced math (addition and subtraction) facts at our own Arithmattack! skill-and-drill webpage. It's a marvelously simple interface designed by David Baurac of the Argonne National Laboratory and used on our website with his permission.

First Graders and Kindergarteners visited Boowa and Kwala's site to use our @School only Premium account to play games (matching shapes, following paths, clicking for color changes, and matching colors) that foster "comfortableness" and fun with computers. These were all in lesson number 37 of the "200 Activities in 50 Lessons" interface that I helped create.

Cheers, and Keep the Fun!


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