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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First Full Week Back from Winter Break

4th graders visited the NASA website to post evaluations about their recent videoconference after viewing a movie to refresh their recollection of the event. The 9 minute movie is online and may be seen by visiting the Interactive Videoconferencing at USN blog. We continue to work on our constellation PowerPoints and to hone keyboarding skills with Keyboarding for Kids and Dancemat Typing.

3rd graders explored the webliographer Master Artist resources toward preparing to investigate the life of one particular artist. This week they chose their artist, and it's my hope that these two weeks of exploring research tools (the Webliographer, Google) and some instruction in their use will come in handy!

2nd graders discovered BaseTen Bear at his website (Try it yourself!!!) and also visited the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for a little base ten practice.

1st graders had a blast at GameGoo, a site filled with fun and challenging educational games, for practice in abc order and reading/writing concepts like opposites, rhyme, and even alliteration!

Kindergarteners began drawing pictures for Boowa and Kwala's gallery at Once everyone's had a chance to complete a drawing, we'll compile them and send them on to the island of Mauritius (really!) for inclusion in the gallery.

I'm out next week, moving to a new house, so there'll be a capable substitute teacher here. She'll have lesson plans and lab directions and lots of backup. Wish me luck!!!


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