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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exploring NumberTime Games with the BBC

Hey, ya'll,

This past week I shared the BBC "Numbertime Games" website with students K-3. How, you may ask, can I use one Internet tool with that broad a range of ages? Well, if you go to the site, you'll understand better. Even mo' better, visit the site with your child! 3rd graders found themselves challenged as the Dartboard game moved into problems with three addends generated by doubling values. The youngest amongst us found "Find the Number" good practice in the art of identifying numerals visually.

It's easy to find from wherever you are. Just click here! Then click on Center Number 1!

Fourth graders are working on PowerPoint presentations on randomly chosen constellations. Once finished, we'll have 4 multi-slide presentations on each of 18 constellations, a resource I plan to format for the Web and post online. As we create these, we're beginning to learn how to cite our Internet resources, acknowledging the original work of others the way we expect our own work to be acknowledged if shared. This is a first step toward understanding why we need to be careful to do so in our schoolwork.

Cheers, and I hope everyone's working looking forward to our Winter Break, Dec. 15 (half-day) through Jan. 2nd!


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