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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 2.0!

Into the second week in our new lab, I'm going to take a little movie of Ms. Anitra's 3rd graders working on Type to Learn 3 to share here. The 4th graders are also diving into TTL3, toward our implementation of this year's Keyboarding for Kids program in a couple of weeks. Here's the little 3rd grade movie:

The Kinder and 1st gradekins are working in Boowa and Kwala, the wee folk logging onto the website for the very first time, after a little demo of how a mouse works, the introduction of some new terms (mouse, icon, desktop, and my favorite--Maximize!) and the 1st graders for the most part returning to the site and running through the four activities of Lesson 37 before digging deeper.

2nd graders are delving into Type to Learn, Jr., a very gentle introduction into the way they should begin to learn to type.

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  • mr. merrick
    how do you go to tipe to learn 3 at home?
    ruby blackman

    By Anonymous ruby, at 4:28 PM  

  • Hey, Ruby,

    Actually you don't, unless you purchase the software. You certainly may do that, either from or from a reseller like the one listed in the Webliographer's ( Keyboarding topic for Type to Learn 3. Since the school's invested so much in this software for your use here at school, I usually suggest to parents that they visit CompUSA or some other software retailer and look for a fun typing program, "Mario Teaches Typing" or "Spongebob Typing" or some such, and that way get you a new and different way to practice. Remember, as long as you are practicing in home row key position and doing so every time, you're training your brain to work your fingers without looking at the keyboard. A little faster and a little more accurately every time: That's the key!

    By Blogger Scott, at 7:04 AM  

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