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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The First Full Week!

Hey, everyone,

We've completed the first full week of USN Lower School and what a week it was in the lab! I always go home the end of this first week with a tired voice and a great feeling that I've done the right thing by our children. Why?

Well, this is the week I go over our schools Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) for use of our computer network. I think I have settled into a pretty nicely scaffolded age-appropriate set of schpiels for these discussions, and though few students actually set a hand on a computer mouse the first session I'm hoping it sets a nice tone for safe and considerate computering for the rest of the school year.

The AUP is a pretty densely worded legal-eze document with several main sections, including Acceptable Use, Privileges, Vandalism, Reliability, Nettiquete, and more. These talking points give me ample opportunity to give the kids just enough information for their grade level while making sure they know that as long as they use computers at school in the proper ways (and refrain from using them in improper ways) they'll always have fast and safe Internet access at school as well as access to some of their favorite educational games.

This year, for the 4th graders, I re-tooled a PowerPoint Jeopardy-style game as fun way to go over the salient points and also to get the kids off their seats on the carpet. It has been really fun to get them involved in "fierce and friendly" competition over the concept of appropriateness. Wow.

I put the PowerPoint up online for your viewing and playing pleasure ("mileage" will vary according to the specifics of your browser and operating system--for best viewing, download the file and display it within PowerPoint).


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