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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Week of May 8

I can't belllllllllllllllieve that it's so close to the end of the school year. We've broken some new ground this year and should be able to build upon it nicely next year. Here's what's happenin' this week, in order of appearance in the lab each day:

3rd graders are finishing the "blog comments" they started last week, hints to rising 3rd graders about what they have to look forward to next year. These should be finished by the end of next week and once they are I'll concatenate and upload to the USN LS edublogs site for online publication. Come the start of the school year we'll share these in the lab with our new batch of 3rdies!

4th graders are group-participating in an online Jeopardy-style quiz game about electricity. We're having great fun with it and since it's really geared for older students some of the questions are outright difficult. Some of the distractor answers are very very good (or very very silly) and there's learning going on as we play. By the way, I sent home both an email blast and a paper note to remind everyone to get their Keyboarding4Kids textbooks back into school. Thanks in advance!!!

Kinderkidz are viewing some great movies on Rainforests via our webliographer. Live webcams with Amazon River fishes, a nice brief movie (with very big words!) on the layers of rainforests, and animals and plants galore.

Some of the 1st grade classes are studying wolves, and there are multiple resources on that topic in the webliographer as well. We're visiting and sharing, then exploring individual interests at computer.

2nd graders are finishing up their personal PowerPoints and getting a detailed introduction to PowerPoint in the process. Some classes will be using this vehicle for their insect reports over the next two weeks. Some will continue on their personal creations so we can share them in the last half-week of school.

That's it for now!


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