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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mayday! Mayday!

The week of May 1 we're doing some fun things in the lab, gearing toward year's end (sigh) and supplementing the classroom goings on as usual: These activities are extended work based on the acquisition of skills during activities that preceded these.

3rd graders are split focus this week, with half creating Word documents from a template destined to serve as a cover for the country-specific Asian scrapbooks they've been working so hard on in the classroom. The others are creating new Word documents to write a brief note to rising 3rd graders about what to look forward to in their new school year. These'll be inserted as comments in an posting when they're done so they can be shared via that vehicle with the new 3rd graders.

4th graders are going directly to the site and posting their comments. I'm proud of their work and hope to share it soon. Those comments will help rising 4th graders get a little more of a clue to what's in store for them next year!

Kindergarteners and 1st graders are visiting two lessons at the uptotenPremium@schools site, partly in celebration of the publication this week of my very detailed article describing that service at Technology and Learning's "Educator's eZine." If you want to read the article there you'll need to submit a free registration but they won't hound you with emails unless you want them. It's a reputable professional publication and I hope the publication of this article will garner some more teachers to the service. As of yesterday the teacher count was at 2748 worldwide, and I'm happy to share that I was number 1 (finally, number 1 at something!!!).

2nd graders slip into slightly advanced PowerPoint skills this week as they finish off their "The Amazing Life of a [theirname]" powerpoints. These are to prepare them for "The Amazing Life of a [theirinsect] powerpoints they'll create in the last few weeks of school.

That's all, stay tuned, and if you get a chance, check out the podcasts at TechTipTuesday and Snacks4theBrain!

Oh, and I'd love to share the wonderful news that we've received the three new Canon A430 digital cameras we purchased, one for each floor of classrooms! See a review of this wonderful too here! Photo courtesy of MobileWhack blog.


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