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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

REALLY welcome back

I've had a great week of inservice and now, approaching noon of the first day off school, I can almost feel the extended heavy sigh of our school building as it settles into the school year with a smile on its face.

I've been reminded all week why I love working with the Lower School teachers, all of whom shared an enthusiasm for life-long learning this week as we shared our various experiences in summer professional development and discussed how these will impact the way we teach our students. My own summer "profdev" experience, or at least the main one, I shared in a previous post about the National Educational Computing Conference in San Diego, California.

Attendance in the LS Technology for Learning Lab is and will be optional this week, as I yield to the teachers' need to be with their children as much as possible, while spending much of my day rolling around on a wheeled office chair setting up computers and resetting logins and options so that the experience every child has at his or her workspace is consistent and predictable (as much as the technology will allow!). Oftentimes I'm working with a computer mouse in each hand as I try to get the job done as quickly as possible--because there's always more to do:

It was great to meet with many of you during orientations and I hope that you can stop into the lab anytime you're at school.

I'm so glad to have your kids back in the building!!! Next week we'll learn about USN's "Appropriate Use Policy" at all grade levels with a smart-board quiz game!



  • Just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading all that you have done in the lab! I am an ITF, and although I don't work in the lab, I am always looking for new and creative ways to help teachers in the classroom! Thanks for some wonderful ideas, I look forward to keeping in touch!

    By Blogger Kim, at 7:26 PM  

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