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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quest Atlantis Legend Intro--Day 1

Thanks to parents who have sent in Quest Atlantis permission forms. This is a wonderful opportunity for our fourth graders and I hope that a vast majority of parents will enable their children to participate! Please remember: I need BOTH the signed participation consent form AND the initialed research permission release before we can get started into QA.

The "How We Spent our Winter Break" blog comment project currently has 108 comments, grades K-2 and 4 (3rd graders are spending their lab sessions entering into research for their fabulous Master Artists unit) and can be accessed at Edublogs and/or by visiting the Webliographer and clicking on the temporary "Winter Blog Comments" link near the top of the page.

K and 1st graders will be Drawing for Children this week and printing, and the only requirement for their drawing to be printed is that they have their name on it, though I'm hoping for some Winter Break pictures from the batch to share out at the edublogs blog!

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