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Monday, October 27, 2008

artclectic 2008 Slideshows!!!

Hey, all,

artclectic 2008 has come and gone, and I saw so many of you there that I might easily believe we saw 100% attendance from our families. However, I was listening to my young charges as we talked about USN's wonderful, fabulous, beautiful annual art show during classes last week, so I'm sharing the ~1000 pictures I took to chronicle this year's event here. I put them all up in my Google picasaweb albums for easy viewing by students, families, artists, and art lovers all over the world. Play each slideshow to view, and if you see a picture you want to save, just click on the slideshow image again to visit the album proper. Then click "View Album" and find your pic, and follow the googleintuitive directions to save it to your hard drive.

I did not get to "loadout" on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to my photomentor Kimberly Manz's sets from that day. I'll add another show or a link to her (admittedly much more professional) work just as soon as I get it!

Feel free to leave your comments or questions at the bottom of this post!

Slideshow 1, artclectic2008 setup and Patrons Party:

Slideshow 2, artclectic2008 setup and Education Day:

Slideshow 3, artclectic2008 Community Party:

Slideshow 4, artclectic2008 Saturday:

Slideshow 5, artclectic Sunday:

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