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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Week 2 of May We're Exploring!

We're explorin' things this week, the 3rd graders visiting Dancemat Typing to begin thinking about learning to keyboard, the 4th seeing advanced features of Photostory3 for Windows, the Kinder and 1st visiting a new Center Number 1 at the K1 Go Here! page (PBS's "Between the Lions") and Boowa and Kwala's games about going to bed alone, and the 2nd graders opening PowerPoint for the first time to create digital versions of their insect flip-books either about their insects or about themselves (in the manner of their insect flip-books). It's never boring in this room!

I'll be compiling a selection of the K-1 Drawing for Children pictures the kids did last week for two slideshows, one for each incoming grade level. Incoming K-1 kiddos will be greeted with visual notes about the best things in either grade--I think that will be a pretty nice welcome gift from their "slightly elders" next year!

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