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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of 2008-2009, Have a Great and Safe Summer!

Parents, I have sooo greatly appreciated the time I was privileged to share with your children this year, and I look forward to 2009-2010 with great anticipation and high hopes for an even better year.

The lab has been abuzz with activity as the 2nd graders pushed to achieve closure on their Powerpoints, the 4th graders put finishing touches on their Memory Books, and 3rd graders worked to make progress in TimesAttack before the two exciting extra environments go away at the end of the month. Kinder and 1st graders spent time with Boowa and Kwala and Drawing for Children, contributing illustrations that may well make it into print form in the future. Here, for example, is one 1st grader's impression of the old guy in the computer lab:

That just about says it all. I've worked over the past several weeks to gift our students with online tools that can enrich their summers, and I've every step of the way encouraged them to get outside and play, to spend time with their families, and to keep technology in its place in their lives: a useful and powerful tool for learning and sharing. 

May your families prosper in the coming months and may you continue your own quests for balance and realization. 


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