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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Marching into March

Well it came in like a lion for sure, replete with thunderstorms and a tornado watch, so I guess we can hope for a warm and gentle opening to April.

If you haven't seen the 4th graders' Aztec PowerPoints yet, head on over to the 4th grade webpage and prepare yourself for a treat, or more accurately four treats. This year marks the first time a grade level team of teachers has completely directed, edited (with their students) and posted (yes, they did all the posting to the Web themselves!--Ms. Marler leading the attack) a technology project of this scope. Hey, I'm working myself out of a job here! Pretty soon the teachers won't need me at all!

Second graders are learning about the Last Great Race, the Iditarod Trail Race, and if you want to learn more yourself you can do so by visiting the official site,, as well as picking up videos and podcasts at my buddy Scott Slone's project, The free introduction movie at the former is really informative, and a good way to spend 19 minutes of screentime with your child.

Third graders and their fourth grader friends did some great fractions work at, a deceptively named resource-rich website. Challenge yourself to some of the fraction work and you'll see why I believe this website is one they can use for the rest of their schooling, if not for the rest of their lives.

Kindergarteners did some Boowa and Kwala play after viewing a fun fairytale via our Safari Montage media server. Most classes chose Stephen Kellogg's version of "Chicken Little" but one enjoyed "TickiTickiTembo."

First graders explored Dan's Wild Wild Weather website, taking on the challenge of an online wordsearch that is challenging even for me, but quite do-able by them.

Finally, check the previous post below for information on the FREE Evening School class I'm helping with Monday. our main goal is to help parents acquire the language they'll need to discuss important issues of safety and ethics with their children as their means of online communication continue to grow and change with the times. All are invited!

Cheers, and stay warm and dry!